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france tomorrow

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Me, looking for aliens and stuff

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Melancholia - “The idea for the film originated during a therapy session Lars von Trier attended during treatments for his depression. A therapist had told von Trier that depressive people tend to act more calmly than others under heavy pressure, because they already expect bad things to happen. Von Trier then developed the story not primarily as a disaster film, and without any ambition to portray astrophysics realistically, but as a way to examine the human psyche during a disaster.” (via Pin by Anna S on cinema | Pinterest)

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louise parker by charlie engman for dazed, fall 2014

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Sissy Spacek photographed by Ara Gallant, 1977.
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Return to Magenta, Reuben Wu

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Everything you love is here

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Jack White for the Observer. His 3rd Man Records in Nashville is amazing. Jack designed the whole thing himself from the stuffed African Elephant to the rooms of all primary colors.

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